Monday, August 18, 2008

Main themes discussed at the Gathering

• We are in partnership with the earth and all life.

• Our species' presence on the earth is hurting it, us, and all other life.

• There is great urgency to act and complex choices to be made if we are to survive as a species - we need both short-term and long-term strategies.

• The current system (economic, political, elite rule, education, food production, etc.) isn't working we need to totally change our infrastructure in terms of how we survive and thrive together.

• We can transform our current system from the grassroots up by localizing our communities and weaving them together in a global self-organized, decision-making network. This means things like:
- making our communities self-sufficient within the realities of our bioregion,
- innovating free energy solutions that make our communities independent from oil,
- getting together to work on community issues and resolving them at the local level, choosing our own forms of self-governance, and linking these forms of self-governance across regions to the global level
- re-designing our monetary/exchange mechanisms so they ensure sustainable resiliency
- acknowledging and connecting in community with each other, other life, and the biosphere.

• We've learned a lot from each other and we want to keep doing so, but we haven't figured out yet what form that should take.

• Another collective commitment that is emerging includes focusing on a location (or 2 or 3) and implementing a collaboration of the solutions we've talked about to see what works and make an impact.