To make sure your firm get the best results, you will have to take some steps to make sure that the people who are working for your company are the right professionals to manage your website and give you quality leads and build a best promotional plan.

A search engine optimization service should be a team that should have the same importance as your in-house departments. It should be your top priority to get the best SEO team onboard as you and your employees will have to work closely with the SEO service providers and you will want to work with a  service that knows how to work alongside your team for the mutual benefit of your business.

Here are seven things you should examine before choosing your next SEO firm.

  • Expertise and services
  • Reviews and recommendations
  • Portfolio and case investigations
  • Background and values
  • Regard and support
  • Deals and cost
  • Record a discussion

Now, we will examine each of these items one by one to help you better understand your SEO requirements and approach the SEO company with full confidence for your initial discussion of SEO service requirements.

1. Study the firm’s expertise and services

When selecting an SEO firm, go through its website to check which area the SEO service specialized in, and you can ask them to share the services and solution they can give to your business for SEO implementation.

You should also check the qualification of the firm and the awards and recognition they hold in the SEO industry to authenticate their experience.

  • Some questions to ask the SEO firm:
    Do you practice in any particular setting, area or enterprise?
    Do you give more services other than SEO?

2. Check reviews and recommendations

As a customer, you must understand that SEO is a subjective field and you may not get the results you bargain for when you hire the SEO professionals. One way to limit this risk is to check previous customers reviews or to seek recommendation from other businesses who have worked with the SEO agency.

An excellent way to check review is to go for Facebook and Google review platform and check portfolios of digital services, like Clutch and UpCity to check reviews and details of SEO companies that you are searching. Not only you can see the discussions, but you may very well find another SEO service that suits your objectives.

References are equally important. You should not shy away from asking the SEO company directly for recommendations and details of clients they provide services to in the past. You can record these details and call some earlier clients to learn about their experiences with the SEO company. All these details will make sure that you hire the right company for the job.

Questions to ask the current clients from include:

  • What is the one thing that makes the SEO company a perfect option?
    What do you think is one thing where the SEO company lacks?
    What experience you have of working with SEO firms in the past?

3. Portfolio and case investigations

When selecting an SEO firm, study the details of their services for other clients. By taking a peek at their portfolio and case investigations, you can usually get a judgment of their technique and what sorts of outcomes their customers experience. This approach can also help you to realize the integration capabilities of the firms such as integration with social media and web design services.

If you do not see the portfolio of SEO firm on their website, you can directly ask the service provider to share the company portfolio and study it to see what will you get from the SEO services.

Some questions to consider:

Can you provide access to your portfolio and highlight your services especially on projects that are similar to ours?
What if I require the integration of PPC or social media services after a few months?

4. Check the team background, ethics, and values

One of the most critical details is to look out for the SEO team, check the legitimacy of their background and the ethics and integrity of the service providers. You can check LinkedIn that is the best resource to get this information on SEO services. You can connect to someone who can tell you about the details of the company and its team.

You should check the ethic and values of the firms, and you should check for these qualities in the employees as if they seem unethical there is no telling the level of service you will get from the firm.

SEO firm can have a different structure. Take Thrive for instance where an individual SEO expert works with individual clients and that person serves both as a project manager and SEO expert to prevent any miscommunications or confusions.

You will also feel better or in good hands when working for a company that adheres to the high ethical principals and value client and employee relationship. If you work with an ethical company, you do not have to worry and check about the black hat or white hat SEO practices as the company will implement all the best and ethical features for your SEO services.

Questions to request:

  • Who will be running my account?
    What are your core values as a business?
    Do you support an SEO code of values?

5. Regard and support

Check how the SEO firm is regarding by following them on social media, reading their blog posts and get an idea of their tones and style of work.
You can also acquire their information and preferences by examining the content they’re giving out. You should keep in mind that not all followers may represent your business and same goes for the content, but this is a common strategy and nothing to worry about when it comes to the services of the SEO firm.

6. Ask about Deals and cost

Learn about the fee structure. Some may charge you a flat fee while other companies may work on an hourly basis. Understand the fee structure and the deliverables you will get for your money. You can always compare prices of the different SEO company before you come in a formal contract with the services. Try to get the SEO services that will give your business personalized attention.

Questions to ask:

  • What are your cost structures?
    Do I pay monthly or after certain months?

7. Record a discussion

Have an official consultancy session with the SEO firms and record the minutes of the meeting where you can ask any question you have about the SEO services and can learn about the methods and meet the people you will be working with on your project.